Deploy Native FC on Cisco Nexus 55xx

This article gives you a short walkthrough of configuring native FC (simple single fabric configuration) on the Cisco Nexus 55xx platform. Hope you find this useful to get a quick overview of how to configure it in your environment. Feel free to post comments, questions or any additions. If you need any help on a more advanced configuration please yell.

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Convert Cisco 1000v from standalone to HA set-up

Recently, working on a customer environment, I discovered that their current Cisco 1000v implementation was not redundant. We quickly decided to convert the standalone setup to a HA-setup. This article shows how this can easily be done.

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The current setup was a Cisco 1000v VSM (Virtual Supervisor Module) in L2 Control mode, but the same procedure can be applied to a Cisco 1000v in L3 Control mode.

DMVPN Single-Hub Configuration

As I’m currently preparing for Cisco CCIE R&S Written exam I’d like to share some information on the subject of DMVPN (Dynamic Multipoint Virtual Private Network) as this is one of the new topics added to the Cisco CCIE R&S blueprint (on the written and lab exams). You only have to know about the single-hub toplogy, but it’s also not very difficult to do a dual-hub dual-cloud topology.

What is DMVPN?

DMVPN is a VPN which uses dynamic tunnels, this means that on the hub only 1 tunnel is needed to connect all the different spokes to the hub (so no more configuring an IPSEC-tunnel for each site you want to connect). It even automatically forms spoke-to-spoke tunnels on demand, so spoke-to-spoke traffic does not need traverse the hub. Another advantage in my opinion that it is very easy to setup and a very stable solution.

DMVPN is based on:

  • mGRE (Multipoint Generic Routing Encapsulation)
  • NHRP (Next Hop Resolution Protocol)
  • a Dynamic Routing Protocol (EIGRP, OSPF, BGP)
  • IPSEC (optional)