VMCE-ADOv1 (exam) experience

As I wanted to take the next step in certification on the Veeam Backup & Replication solution after achieving the VMCE-certification last year, I decided to take the (mandatory) VMCE-ADOv1-course and subsequently have a go at the exam to become Veeam Certified Architect.

For more information about these certifications please have a look at this page dedicated to the certifications currently available.

Veeam Certified Architect

I’m proud to have passed the exam and now am an Veeam Certified Architect!

VMCE-ADOv1 Course

Really enjoyed the 2-day course delivered by Bart Pellegrino (via Copaco / @Academy), as it was a good mix between theory, interactions between teacher/students and students/students and whiteboarding. The whiteboarding sections consisted out of 2 design scenario’s, in which the focus was on how us students figured out a way to fulfill the requirements of the client in our designs. It was not about what the solution finally turned out to be, but the thinking process behind getting to the designs.

The training really was an interactive experience and no one-way traffic from teacher to students. Wish every training could be like this!

The interactions where really insightful as they contained lots of practical examples, about how to design a Veeam-solutions in real life and what pitfalls to watch out for and lots of alternative solutions to problems. The training really strengthened my understanding of the Veeam Availibility Suite and gave me tools to design & optimize the environments even more in the future.

To give you an idea of the topics covered during the Veeam Certified Engineer Advanced : Design & Optimization training, I provided a short overview of the contents of the training below.:

Training Day 1

  • Design and Sizing
  • Infrastructure assessment
  • Security
  • Design Scenario: Part 1

Training Day 2

  • Optimizations
  • Design Scenario: Part 2
  • Automation
  • Audit and Compliance
  • Troubleshooting

Veeam Certified Engineer - ADO

Exam Day

I decided to do the exam just for I go on holiday, just to be sure the training material from the course was still fresh in memory. Because the exam of course is under NDA, there is not much I can say  about the contents.

I think the (multiple choice / Select 2/3) questions on the exam are fair, but it’s very helpful to have practical experience with designing, optimizing and troubleshooting real Veeam environments, as some questions just dig deep into your insights into how Veeam Backup & Replication and Veeam One work.

Overall this was one of the more challenging exams I have taken recently, so I’m very happy I PASSED the exam with a whopping score of 86%.

Training Materials

Preparing for the exam I used the following training materials (in order of importance to me):

The exam simulator (practice exam) on Bart Pelligrino’s site provides a good insight in the way the questions on the exam are asked, so please give it a go. It also gives a good idea on which area you need to focus more after attending the course.

After day 1 of the training I already scored 63% on the practice test and after day 2 and some studying of the training-material already 83%. The exam itself I passed with 86%, so to me this proves the exam simulator gives a good representation of where you stand in the process of being able to pass the exam.

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My main focus is infrastructure (Storage, Networking and Computing), but I'm also very interested in designing and implementing VDI and Server Based Computing-environments.
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