VMworld, here we come!

The moment is getting closer and closer, Niels & Robert are attending VMworld Barcelona 2014 (13-16 oct.)! We’re really looking forward to meeting all you vRockstars in person and learn everything there is to know about the new features vendors like PernixData, Nutanix, Cisco and ofcourse VMware  are presenting on VMworld Europe and provide you with this information on our blog.


In this article we’ll give a short overview of sessions we think everybody should attend and why.

STO2997-SPO – The vExpert Storage Game Show EMEA
A fun way to learn everything about storage from two teams of vExperts and some of the masters of storage like Duncan Epping (VMware) and Cormac Hogan (VMware). The two teams of vExperts will be competing in a jeopardy-like gameshow hosted by mastermind John Troyer (TechReckoning) and the lovely judge Amy Lewis (Cisc0).

SDDC1337 – Technical Deep Dive on EVO: RAIL, the new VMware Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Appliance
We really love the things we have already seen of EVO: RAIL like the ease of deployment and expanding the solution with more nodes and this all provided by a very user-friendly interface. You really have to see it for yourself! We’ll be visiting this session to get futher technical details about the solution and try to compare it to other Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Solutions like Nutanix. Besides this we’re hoping to see more @VMworld Barcelona about the EVO: RACK solution, which  is the big brother of EVO:RAIL which scales to tens of racks.

INF2951-SPO – Unleashing SDDC Awesomeness with Atlantis USX: Building a Storage Infrastructure for Tier 1 VMs with vVOLS, VASA, VSAN and Atlantis USX Data Services
That’s one big mouthful of awesome technologies crammed into one session in our humble opinion. We’re really excited to see what Atlantis USX is bringing with the new 2.o version of their product and how it can be used to build a storage platform for your tier-1 applications. This session show you how all the pieces of the SDS-puzzle fit together according to Atlanis USX. We’re really looking forward to this session. We’l be reviewing the Atlantis USX-solutionin a short while on this blog, so stay tuned!

NET1974 – Multi-Site Data Center Solutions with VMware NSX
This session is about the components which form VMware NSX and how to create a twin active-active datacenter without stretching the VLAN’s across the datacenters or using expensive hardware. As this is a advanced techincal session, this one is for us die-hard techies who love (software-defined) networking, storage and computing and teaches us how we can provide high-available services to the business by telling us about the Business Continuity,Disaster Recovery and Disaster Avoidance and multi-site aspects the NSX solution provides.


Besides visiting the sessions mentioned above (and quite some more) we’re gonna be spending our time on the solutions exchange tot get the latest scoop on new products and solutions, in the hang space socializing with all our much appreciate fellow-bloggers and colleague’s and attending some of the fantastic party’s  like the PernixData party on monday, VMworld Party on Wedsnesday and most probably also the vRockstar party.

If you want to meet up with us @VMworld, please drop us a tweet @cloud_fix and we’ll see you in Barcelona!

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My main focus is infrastructure (Storage, Networking and Computing), but I'm also very interested in designing and implementing VDI and Server Based Computing-environments.
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